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homosexual sex act, the two butt cheeks being the puppy, the insertion of the penis into the rectum, missionary is stroking.
a"I heard john's classical overture last knight"
b"oh really, and did it please you"
a"for a moment, although most of the fingering sounded as if he'd been stroking the puppy"
b"sticky fingers"
by Phil Anthropy October 14, 2008
sending any living being-straight to hell, with extreme prejudice in other terms inducing the wrath of god!
a"mike ironside, i hear he sleeps with the fishes.

b"thats bullshit, asswipe"
a"he's a formerly retired priest, living with
his pet lhama in downtown detroit"
b"no shit"
by Phil Anthropy October 14, 2008
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