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Small titties (n.) Derived from KNOCKERS, which are large breasts - NOTkers are not knockers.
"Dude, check out the pair of notkers on that chick over there."

When James undid Jane's bra, he was surprised when a bunch of tissue fell out. It turns out, Jane was trying to hide her notkers from the world.
by Phil A. Sheeo June 14, 2010
noun. One who specializes in practicing fellatio (i.e., blow jobs).
Man, my ex-boyfriend was quite a fellatiologist. He would suck my cock long and deep and had me cumming in just a few minutes.
by Phil A. Sheeo November 19, 2010
verb. A sexual position among gay men where each man inserts his penis in his partner at the same time. The men face opposite directions and approach one another from the side. The partners then grab hands and go at each other simultaneously.
"My arms and back are killing me from all the retrofucking we did last night."

"Jim and Tom like to retrofuck in their new king-sized bed.
by Phil A. Sheeo April 29, 2008

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