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A rash on a girls recently shaven twat caused by stubble rubbing on a mans large gut
"My girlfriend had the nastiest bald benny after hours of sex"
by phil September 21, 2004
huge penis
girls love the braciole
by phil June 22, 2004
While camping is, in fact, a legit strategy, it does make for boring game play. If a person wishes to devote their life to waiting and not moving (apparently some people get off on winning and not actually playing the game to it's fullest extent) then that's their business. They are just creating an unfriendly game where winning at any cost is the sole purpose. Campers will often resort to hacks as well if their camping fails to achieve them victory.

The bane of the camper is having his weapon of choice removed from his arsonal usually resulting in his defeat (should he not quit the game first).

Campers also find themselves tiring of a game sooner than others because they experience the same game play their entire time camping. This results in the purchasing of a new game where a new camping location will, without a doubt, draw the attention of the camper, where he will then repeat the process above.
Player A - "Well I was having fun until that camper joined."
Host - "Yeah, I'll just remove sniper rifles."
(Camper Leaves)
Host - "There we go, back to a good game."
by Phil April 03, 2005
The Brights, an international
Internet constituency of individuals.

A bright is a person who has a naturalistic worldview

A bright's worldview is free of
supernatural and mystical elements

The ethics and actions of a bright
are based on a naturalistic worldview
Are all Brights atheists? Probably, but all atheists are not Brights
by Phil March 04, 2005
to insert the penis into a womans, or mans, anus
She takes it up the dungfunnel
by phil April 03, 2005
It is the combination of two names; Phil and Amy. Two great friends who felt the need to address eachother with the same name. Hence, Phamy.
Phil: Hi Phamy! What's up!?
Amy: Oh not much Phamy! You?
by Phil September 01, 2004
a box designed to hold a sex slave allowing just the head and arms out for obvious reasons and sliding it under the bed whlie it is still occupied
I cant believe she was in a head box for three months!
by phil June 22, 2004

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