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Generally speaking under forum Role Play based turns a godmoder is someone who seems to be all powerful, using the strongest attacks, somehow always hitting their opponent and having the uncanny ability to dodge everything thrown at them, compared to literate RPers godmoders appear as bafoons, it's odd that there are still so many of them about in this crazy world,
Godmoder Bob: Bob laughs as fred's kamikaze attack capable of wiping out half the world is absorbed by Bobs magic crystal
Godmoder fred: luckily Fred is half pheonix, able to return to life
normal player: For the love of God, stop it...stop it now, I can't take it anymore...too much godmoding....KILL ME NOW!
by Phil December 11, 2004
A pile of feces.
Farley is a steaming shitpile!
by phil March 02, 2003
1- Perhaps the first daily cartoon strip. Depicted the title characters, one tall and thin, the other short and stocky, who were basically average guys. Set the standards for the likes of Abbott and Costello.
2- Two people who bear a resemblence to the above.
3- Another term for the "good cop, bad cop" routine.
4- Cockney rhyming slang for "deaf".
1- "Didja read today's Mutt and Jeff?"
2- "Hey, look at Mutt and Jeff!"
3- "Aw, Sarg, cut out the Mutt and Jeff routine."
4- "Whaddya mean, ya didn't 'ear? Are ya Mutt and Jeff?"
by Phil February 09, 2003
For aficrian americans there NWA(niggers with atitude.
And For us white americans there is (Whities with atitude)
Man those white people are sure WWA
by PHIL March 02, 2005
To have a bad, bad nicotene craving...to the point of wierding people out.
Gimme a cigarette, dude, Im niccin out.
by Phil April 11, 2005
A city in eastern Europe, infamously known as the center for the Nazi, "final solution."
This train of Jews is headed for the chimneys at auswitchz.
by phil February 03, 2005
huge penis
girls love the braciole
by phil June 22, 2004

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