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1. Specific sort of Monkey
2. Racist word in Belgium for people from coloured origins, and Immigrants.
Hey makak
Vuile makak
by Phil May 22, 2006
Someone who worries or intimidates sheep.
Here comes Lucage, Hide your sheep!
by Phil February 03, 2005
A plate or tray that is used for breaking up and snorting cocaine.
My sandbox is a petri dish.
Don't sneeze near the sandbox; you'll get coke all over the floor!
by phil November 14, 2003
the nice tight, moist vagina of an african american girl usually between 100-110 lbs.
although not intended to be a racial phrase, it is rooted in anti-nonchristianity.
by Phil January 27, 2005
An linking cuss word between other words in a sentnece often used when very pissed off.
*Hits thumb with hammer by accident* Fuck Fuck Fuckedy Fuck Fuck Shit Fuckedy Fuck
by Phil December 20, 2003
The game genie code for Super Mario Bros. 3 on NES that gives you infinite lives!
I'm so lame... I suck at this game... I KNOW! SLXPLOVS! YEAH, I WIN!
by Phil June 27, 2004
Generally speaking under forum Role Play based turns a godmoder is someone who seems to be all powerful, using the strongest attacks, somehow always hitting their opponent and having the uncanny ability to dodge everything thrown at them, compared to literate RPers godmoders appear as bafoons, it's odd that there are still so many of them about in this crazy world,
Godmoder Bob: Bob laughs as fred's kamikaze attack capable of wiping out half the world is absorbed by Bobs magic crystal
Godmoder fred: luckily Fred is half pheonix, able to return to life
normal player: For the love of God, stop it...stop it now, I can't take it anymore...too much godmoding....KILL ME NOW!
by Phil December 11, 2004

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