194 definitions by Phil

someone who extensively uses steroids
I went to the club and it was packed with roid heads
by phil June 22, 2004
see: thief, crook, bad guy, bush

someone that plays on people's unfounded beliefs to rob and or ass rape them
Cojo made tim think he was giving him a makeover when he was really just stealing his cum
by Phil January 25, 2005
1. Trippin, gotsta be kiddin.
2. Out ya mind, crazy
Ay yo that girl look fine.

Man you swellin that chick is ugly as hell.
by Phil February 06, 2004
1) the capital of the world
2) the only real city in the usa
3) home to 8 million diverse people (and another 14 million in the immediate suburbs)
by Phil August 17, 2003
a name from japanese animation that means a beautiful girl.
what's her name? she's bishoujo!
by Phil March 06, 2004
an exclaimation shouted during sex with a ho. usually shouted before orgasm
"oh yes. suck my nuts. i'm almost there. yes. hooooooo-oooooooooohh!!!! (cums)"
by Phil January 22, 2005
to get oral sex while pooping on a toielet
that was the best blunken i ever had
by phil February 09, 2005

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