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194 definitions by Phil

20% of all middle school aged girls. contrary to what the above cunts said, they don't give head. they're just cockteases
I wanted to pounce that MS slut but she denied me because she won't give it up until college. oh well, who wants an underdeveloped twat anyway?
by Phil January 28, 2005
irish gypsies who will steal anything and are mostly violent
"i fockin' 'ate pikeys" -from snatch
by phil April 21, 2003
Historically Black Colleges and Universities

this is a collection of majority black colleges and universitys across the nation that were founded by African Americans.
I don't know where I'd be if I weren't at an hbcu, there's nothin like the love you get from your brothers and sisters.
by Phil March 06, 2005
a big wad of tobacco in between your cheek and gum
i got a chaw in my jaw
by phil February 05, 2003
The only cool pokemon. others that are cool but not as cool as mewtwo: kabutops, articuno, lugia, deoxys and scizor. first appear in red and blue, he is the only pokemon to be at level 70 in the wild.
Ash: i tried to catch mewtwo but he tore out my testicles and replaced them with poke balls...then he stabbed me 100x with his psychicness
by Phil January 21, 2005
pissed off
she is being bitchy watch out
by Phil August 16, 2003
the 3-5 seconds before you blow your wad
Phil: cassie..i'm...i'm...gonna...
Cassie: *suck, slurp* oh *orgasms* your cock is so hard! *another orgasm*
Phil: i've entered the point of no return!
*4 seconds later*
Cassie: I love swollowing your cum!
by Phil March 17, 2004