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a webgame notorious for server lag and inexplainable corruption of power by the game administrators and forum moderators
guy "i disagree with your stance, mr. moderator"

mod "deat!11"
by Phil January 12, 2005
stoopid, simple-minded, foolish from the latin meffist
"chloe and imogen are complete meffs not like phil."
by phil January 15, 2004
a woman (usually older) that is generally unattractive but nonetheless makes you horny
"check out condi rice giving bush a BJ. she's a murphy brown"
by Phil January 24, 2005
This is just a nice way to refer to a dogs balls. Usually most applicable when the dog lays down, his balls will look like fuzzy kiwis squished between his legs. Have to thank my wife for this one.
We have to get the dog fixed soon. I don't want to see his Kiwis anymore.
by Phil July 29, 2003
A little emotional pussy that sits there all fucking morose for no reason other than it is the IN thing to do, It's now cool to be a pathitc little fuck
A lot of the little pussies you see these days.
by Phil February 12, 2005
when someone says something funny or smart then its an egg white oppisite of yolk.
"e=mc2"....yo nigga you just made a fact that shit some egg white!
by phil April 08, 2005
the title of the somewhat controversial cd by 50 cent including such tracks as Ski mask, candy shop, disco inferno, piggy bank, and others. This was probably titles the massacre because he tries to talk about a lot of people, rappers, and hoods.
From Ski Mask Way on The Massacre

"m tryin to stay out them pens, so I switched states
Bad news V-A now that sounds great
I see niggas wit that ice on, rims shined up
This towns one big pussy waitin to get fucked"
by Phil March 06, 2005
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