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3 people fucking
hey jim wana do the 169 sure lets get ann
by Phil March 01, 2004
A marijuana joint.
Yo, lets roll up a white boy.
by phil November 14, 2003
a webgame notorious for server lag and inexplainable corruption of power by the game administrators and forum moderators
guy "i disagree with your stance, mr. moderator"

mod "deat!11"
by Phil January 12, 2005
I worked at Subway, and I was told that it stood for "Baltimore Mass Transit".

"Bigger, Meatier, Tastier" certainly doesn't apply, considering there's a specific designated method to lay the paper-thin meat slices across the bread so it covers the length...
The 12" BMT has six pieces of pepperoni, six pieces of salami, and two pieces of ham. The 6" has three slices of pepperoni, three pieces of salami, and one piece of ham. You may enjoy watching your Sandwich Artist count out the meat slices now.
by Phil June 30, 2004
a fruity ass; milky licker
You got that SiZZLeCHeST?
by Phil December 09, 2003
v. fornification with a lizard
n. shitass commercials
Killer: give me your money. even if you don't i'm still gonna kill you

I just saved a piss load of money on car insurance by not going to geico
by Phil January 27, 2005
Also known as Culella in Varese - Italy.
Donno, a mix between "donna" and "uomo".
by Phil November 11, 2004

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