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The tiny occasional ring in someone's head that occurs for no apparent reason. Kinda like a long, high pitched beep.

Brain + ring
Aw, man i wasnt payin attention, I had a brang.
by Phil November 07, 2004
when somebody is so retarded they say what in a conversation but it comes out wha?
one day robbie said wha to mrs. healy and got a detention for saying wha
by Phil February 22, 2005
A word of similar use to 'cool' and 'spiffy', typically preceded with 'the'.
This TV show is the fandango!
by Phil December 31, 2003
fo shizzle my nizzle:

Thought to mean "For Sure my African-American Brother"

but really means:

Oh. She's Ill? My niece ill?

(a line spoken by Walter Jessop in the play "All for One" by German Playright Hienrich Schmidt, when translated into english it sounds like fo' shizzle my nizzle when spoken fast.)
Mispronounciation: fo shizzle my nizzle
by phil March 08, 2005
Mouse arrest begins when your cordless mouse batteries die and ends when you get off your fat ass and get more batteries.
I was about to frag that n00b from behind all sneak-attack style but then I entered mouse arrest.
by Phil August 29, 2007
Method of communication amongst friends. As in cya
'I'm out... cheeya', 'cheeya later'
by Phil January 09, 2005
When someone says something stupid and you don't agree you just yell punt in there face to let them know that what they said has no meaning to you.
Wes says "Dude, i loved that movie Crossroads!"
Phil says "PUNT!"

Phil says "I kicked your ass racing!"
Wes says "PUNT!"
by Phil March 11, 2004

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