194 definitions by Phil

a terrable desease than can only be caught when you are born with your legs behind your head
u r born normal but as u grow older your private parts go mouldy and eventually fall off
by phil March 16, 2005
to be very ugly or fat
oh my god, what a minga
by Phil January 26, 2004
a panzer tank covered in flowers
"aww what a pretty display"
"thats not a display thats a panzy.RUN!"
by phil September 02, 2004
1- Exploding.
2- Inflating something.
"The lab! It's blowin' up!"
"A bunch of clowns blowin' up balloons."
by Phil December 11, 2002
short for Tight Ass Pants--lotta really shitty looking people wearing TAP. can also be a good thing (when chicks wear them)
"damn dude...that chick's wearing T.A.P."

"haha look at that mod kid with T.A.P."

"man wtf is up with skaters and their T.A.P."
by phil April 24, 2005
Quality of being a badass
"Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher's Badassness is of a higher quality than MGSs Solid Snake."
by Phil March 16, 2003
fornification with a species of fowl
"he ain't worth the money to go fuck a duck on!"
by Phil January 27, 2005
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