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194 definitions by Phil

A fat bastard. One who is severly disfigured in the midsection.
John's getting so fat, he looks like a tank!
by phil March 02, 2003
area between cock/cunt and butt
Joe P was feeling discomfort in his A.B.C.A.B. because he forgot to wipe properly after his last deuce.
by phil December 20, 2007
Originally a typo for "cool." Originated by Phamy, or Phil and Amy, in 2003. Unfortunately they didn't know other people used this word or were stupid enough to say it.
That movie was xool! Wasn't it Phamy?!
by Phil September 01, 2004
A game played by Aaron as a kid. Sometime referred to as Mono-Poly.
Doug says my son wanted to play Mono - Poly. He then said it was a production day.
by phil March 15, 2005
A mobile guiness disposal device often found near sushi bars
Where is the Indy? Over there looking for the sushi bar.
by Phil January 12, 2004
Facial hair growing on a man's chin.
You may call it a goatee, but i think its a cumcatcher.
by phil November 14, 2003
a terrable desease than can only be caught when you are born with your legs behind your head
u r born normal but as u grow older your private parts go mouldy and eventually fall off
by phil March 16, 2005