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A woman sits in a basket suspended from the ceiling with the bottom cut out. The basket is lowered and spun so the vagina spins freely around the penis.
I got my first Chinese basket job by a Taiwanese hooker for a nickel and a loaf of bread.
by Phil July 29, 2003
An absolute mauling of the english language, originally used for abreviations while sending an SMS. Yet some people (or ppl) insist on using at other times when there are no limitations set on the number of characters available.
u cumin out 2nite, we gonna go lern 2 spell
by Phil November 11, 2003
Dick-sucking lips
Damn, Angelina Jolie has some nice DSLs.
by Phil November 14, 2003
used to describe an object or event that was hot, happening, sexy, (or three all combined)
that night was swedish
swedish! (to mean sounds good)
we were so swedish last game
by phil October 29, 2004
1. used by males for reproduction
2. used by males to piss
3. used as a toothbrush for sluts
4. used as a toy for masturbators
5. used as a whip by some male sadists
"after coming on jennifer face, phil stuck his cock in her mouth so she cvuld get it hard again"
by phil February 04, 2004
To get bitch-slapped by a team with only 5 scholarship players when you're ranked #1 in RPI and #5 overall in the country. Usually saved for NCAA tournament flameouts, but can be used for regular season clams, as well.
Kansas had high hopes for their team in the post-season, but then they got Bucknelled and went home.
by Phil April 17, 2005
a drink made from the plant species Camellia sinensis. it is more oxidized than white tea but less than oolong tea and black tea.
green tea is a true tea. don't believe those filthy vegan hippies that try to sell you "licorice tea" or some other crap that's made from the marijuana plant.
by Phil November 06, 2006
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