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to completly humiliate yourself using crazy tacticts such as eating your own shit, or exposing yourself to a older man secretly wishing the old man spent time in prison, and would role play what those lonely nights behind bars was like with you
one time i was at my friend pauls house, and he was all like feeling bad about himself so he was all like "hey phil, will you...i mean, um...well please dirty darrow me, that will make me feel better" so obviously i was all like 'sure bro" so i shit on a plate and slowly fed it to him like he was a child that was unable to feed himself due to some fatal illness or disease if you will. i also fucked him in the ass. it was awesome.
by phil March 12, 2004
dickhead, asshole
hey, cabron!!
(mexican slang)
by Phil April 21, 2003
Slang for the word skyscrapers.
We were walking underneath the skyscrapes.
by phil March 24, 2005
God; Almighty owner of all; The cool cat of bk; The most bestest
Sunney wins becasue he is most bestest
by Phil January 30, 2005
The sound made when someone knows what another person is about to do. Used primarily to taunt the other person.

A way of saying "hey doofus, I know what you just picked. Get ready to be schooled."

Used especially during video game playing with multiple-choice games such as Techmo Superbowl.
After I said "nee-na nee-na", Mike knew he was in trouble....
by Phil January 27, 2005
Means a food is spicy. When you say a food is hot, you do not know if they mean temperature hot or spicy hot.
This burrito is relacore.
by Phil October 28, 2004
resting ones nut sack on anothers chin.
Gil had a bad case of the chin nuts.
by phil January 24, 2004

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