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The state of impotence and abject disinterest toward the political elective process.
I ain't gonna vote, I can't -- got ED.
Electile Dysfunction (ED). Had it since Regan.
by Phil November 28, 2005
adj. to cause men to cream themselves just at the look of you
Man: that shirt makes you look becumming. of course, if I were your shirt i'd be cumming on you too
by Phil January 12, 2005
Means a food is spicy. When you say a food is hot, you do not know if they mean temperature hot or spicy hot.
This burrito is relacore.
by Phil October 28, 2004
Sack of Dingle Berries that is attached to ones ass crack
not possible
by Phil July 20, 2003
website where wankers can rate their favorite pornstars.
look for me on ePornReview. my name on there is Creamer
by Phil April 14, 2005
Slang for the word skyscrapers.
We were walking underneath the skyscrapes.
by phil March 24, 2005
God; Almighty owner of all; The cool cat of bk; The most bestest
Sunney wins becasue he is most bestest
by Phil January 30, 2005

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