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194 definitions by Phil

A style of music very dissimilar to rock, which suffers from the unfortunate trait of only sounding good when played on an acoustic guitar at a concert full of potheads.
Have you heard the latest Dave Matthews Band album? It's acousticrap.
by Phil July 23, 2005
A replacement for indeed, originating from an MSN conversation.
Person 1: Are you staying home tonight?
Person 2: Indode I am!
by Phil November 28, 2004
a state of being.
can also be used as self expression
MLuah mluah mlua
Im just mluah
by phil June 22, 2004
to completly humiliate yourself using crazy tacticts such as eating your own shit, or exposing yourself to a older man secretly wishing the old man spent time in prison, and would role play what those lonely nights behind bars was like with you
one time i was at my friend pauls house, and he was all like feeling bad about himself so he was all like "hey phil, will you...i mean, um...well please dirty darrow me, that will make me feel better" so obviously i was all like 'sure bro" so i shit on a plate and slowly fed it to him like he was a child that was unable to feed himself due to some fatal illness or disease if you will. i also fucked him in the ass. it was awesome.
by phil March 12, 2004
someone who is being natural to their roots and not giving into what society says is right!!!

You don't need to shower everyday to smell good. just spray a little lavender and jump out the door
Dirt Hippy styllliliiingggs :)
Phil is a dirty hippy, he has dreadlocks and talks about peace a lot.
LOOK now he's listening to bob dylan again..

...Also I think the smell of rotting is coming from his hair..
But whatever man he's cool because he embraces his dirtiness!
by phil November 19, 2003
The state of impotence and abject disinterest toward the political elective process.
I ain't gonna vote, I can't -- got ED.
Electile Dysfunction (ED). Had it since Regan.
by Phil November 28, 2005
adj. to cause men to cream themselves just at the look of you
Man: that shirt makes you look becumming. of course, if I were your shirt i'd be cumming on you too
by Phil January 12, 2005