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Created during an intense game of scrabble, this word connotes curiosity, monkies, ridiculousness, and pure ambiguity.
Person 1: Did you just say boofasten?
Person 2: Yeah, you know, boofasten.
by Phil February 17, 2005
1) A place where haddocks are a common hazard.

2) A place inhabited by insane, but charming, people.
"I thought my life was rubbish, until I found Dissendium."
by Phil January 27, 2005
a ska band from ohio that really wants to be like Five Iron Frenzy.
Hey, that girl in Lostasai's in love with Reese!
by phil March 15, 2004
Someone who makes a living from sending out spam emails. A new breed is an SMS bulker, tired of falling replies from email spam, have moved on to attacking cellphones.
I used to be an experienced bulker before I got sued by AOL and Verizon.
by Phil February 13, 2005
adj. to cause men to cream themselves just at the look of you
Man: that shirt makes you look becumming. of course, if I were your shirt i'd be cumming on you too
by Phil January 12, 2005
A replacement for indeed, originating from an MSN conversation.
Person 1: Are you staying home tonight?
Person 2: Indode I am!
by Phil November 28, 2004
a state of being.
can also be used as self expression
MLuah mluah mlua
Im just mluah
by phil June 22, 2004

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