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194 definitions by Phil

an ISP. you still get barraged by ads, banners and adware even though you have to pay 30$ a month for the service. shows how stupid america is because they are the biggest ISP.
America: is earthlink good? i'm thinking about switching to it.
by Phil January 27, 2005
Really cheap hootch usually sold in enormous glass or plastic jugs. Because of it's high alcohol content and bad taste it could be compared to paint thinner.
Damn, I only have 10 bucks. It'll be enough for some paint thinner though.
by Phil November 05, 2006
to have an orgasim and your penis shoots a large load of semen
that was the best dick poo i have ever felt
by phil February 09, 2005
when buu gets dealt a fatal blow and everyone rejoices. then he just regenerates and is back again. wasted 250 episodes doing this. the plot went no where
buu regenerated again. let's go get hammered
by Phil January 28, 2005
someone who is retarted
brian is such a reloy
by phil November 09, 2004
Shorthand for:

Would you dog that bird?
See a 50/50 bird & ask your mate: Dogit?
by Phil October 05, 2004
A term defined by Dave, my housemate, when his eye hurt and he was rubbing it
*Phil sees Dave rubbing his eye*

Phil: "hey dave, what ya doin?"
Dave: "its rubbings"
Phil: "errr...wtf?"
by Phil November 19, 2006