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3 or more dicks fitting into a girls mouth at once.
<dude 1> hey what was that thing we gave to Stephanie K. last night?
<dude 2> we fed her a cock salad
<dude 1> lol
<dude 2> lol
by phil May 10, 2004
someone who is being natural to their roots and not giving into what society says is right!!!

You don't need to shower everyday to smell good. just spray a little lavender and jump out the door
Dirt Hippy styllliliiingggs :)
Phil is a dirty hippy, he has dreadlocks and talks about peace a lot.
LOOK now he's listening to bob dylan again..

...Also I think the smell of rotting is coming from his hair..
But whatever man he's cool because he embraces his dirtiness!
by phil November 19, 2003
Really cheap hootch usually sold in enormous glass or plastic jugs. Because of it's high alcohol content and bad taste it could be compared to paint thinner.
Damn, I only have 10 bucks. It'll be enough for some paint thinner though.
by Phil November 05, 2006
an ISP. you still get barraged by ads, banners and adware even though you have to pay 30$ a month for the service. shows how stupid america is because they are the biggest ISP.
America: is earthlink good? i'm thinking about switching to it.
by Phil January 27, 2005
someone who is retarted
brian is such a reloy
by phil November 09, 2004
a box designed to hold a sex slave allowing just the head and arms out for obvious reasons and sliding it under the bed whlie it is still occupied
I cant believe she was in a head box for three months!
by phil June 22, 2004
To jerk off profusively pounding on your sack.
I caught Gil whacking his bag today.
by phil January 24, 2004

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