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2 definitions by Phifedawg

n. plural (sing. Mario, abbr. as simply "Marios")
Non-menthol Newport cigarettes, dubbed so do to their red box color and shorter stature relative to their taller, green Newport Luigi counterparts.
Guy 1: "Hey man, can I bum a cig?"

Guy 2: 'Sure man, I just got a fresh pack of Newport Marios.'

Guy 1: "Aww, I LOVE Marios!"
by Phifedawg April 04, 2011
4 0
v., intransitive

A quick way to riches and power.

It's a sure thing.
Drugs make your problems go away. But, you can't always count on drugs to be there. So if you're short, just create more. Or, take drugs from your parents; drugs from your parents are free.

Or, take a chance. Try gambling!
by Phifedawg April 12, 2011
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