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When writting an SMS message, the numbers 4 5683 968 translate to "I love you". Taken from the alphabet where as the key number 2 is abc, 3=def, so on and so forth.

4 = I

5 = L
6 = O
8 = V
3 = E

9 = Y
6 = O
8 = U
"I think 4 5683 968."
by Phazo October 18, 2007
Generally known as G.I.R.L. is often used in online games when a male plays as a female online. Mainly used to flirt themselves into a male online player's bank. Meaning they will ask for items or money in-game and will most likely get a yes just because of their "female charm".

Can also be used aside from online games. ie, chatting, profiles, social networks. etc.

G = Guy(s)
I = In
R = Real
L = Life
Guy1: Are you a g.i.r.l. too?
Guy2: Always have been.
by Phazo October 25, 2007

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