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a fat hoe who tells ppls fortune by cards
hi im miss cleo call me ;)
by phatass May 05, 2003
a word to replace peace out with or a finishing word to certain phrases it all depends wen and how u use it
1stguy- "i fucked the blonde chick at our skool"
2ndguy- "meyaah!"

1stguy- " peace man"
2ndguy- "meyaah"

1stguy- "i fucked ur mom... meyaah!!!"
2ndguy- "huh?"

1stguy- "ur a fag" meyaah!!
2ndguy- "fuck u"
by Phatass September 24, 2005
A phrase meaning to fornicate with a female partner thus, meaning 'hit it' and then leaves the female in a short amount of time thus coining the term 'hit it to quit it'.
Zac always wanted to hit it to quit it with Lexi.
by PhatAss November 26, 2014
Skidmarks are usually brown, black and sometimes green, found in many exotic areas such as boxers, briefs, and panties.
You dont have skidmarks, you have the whole runway.
by Phatass September 02, 2003

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