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When you store an object or objects behind your knee, whilst lifting the apropriate leg aloft to keep said object(s) in place.
"Yeh, i didn't have any hands free, so i used my Knee-Bag for a bit"
by Phatang May 12, 2009
The word regually spoken whilst shaking ones head, making ones cheeks wobble.
This word is usually used to describe obese individuals, or somethng crazy that made the user of the word laugh aloud.

Occasionally used as a war-cry.

Also used to describe the sound of someone faceplanting.
"Dayamn, she was a fatty, *wobbles cheeks* bluh-bluh-bluh-bluh SHIBBAB!"

"haha he fell out of the tree, he was all like 'Hey I'm in the.... ahhh SHIBBAB!'"
by Phatang April 14, 2009
a place other that a location discussed in the context.
"He's not from here, he lives otherwhere."
by Phatang August 24, 2009
When a person falls over and grinds their face along the ground.
"Dayamn, that skater busted an ollie into Face-Grind, now he's screwed up man!"
by Phatang April 19, 2009
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