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Since 9/11, he has been the only stand-up comedian worth listening to. If not for him, we would probably have even less of a first ammendment than we have now. His message has always been that if you dont want to hear something, then you don't have to listen.
Oh beautiful, for-smoggy skies, insecticided grain, for strip-mined mountain's magesty, above the asphault plane, america, america, man sheds his waste on thee, and hide the pines with billboard signs, from sea to smoggy sea
by PhatRyan August 24, 2004
The idea that tux the penguin uses condoms
Dangit, tux! Take that Penguin-wrapper off and stop thwackin' it!
by PhatRyan August 28, 2004
A port of a massively over-rated n64 title
A crappy game with good graphics? That sounds about like the rest of the x-box's lineup
by PhatRyan August 24, 2004
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