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The thrill you get when you log onto the popular social-networking site Facebook and see a red square showing recent notifications. The height of the facebuzz is equal to the number of notifications displayed. Unfortunately this can be followed by the Facecrash when you find out that almost all of the notifications are from rubbish apps or people you haven’t spoken to for six years voting to 'like this'
Tom: "Dude, I've got like 14 notifications today, this is a total Facebuzz"

Dave: "No way, you're the man..."

Tom: "Oh no, they're just 14 thumbs up to my status saying 'Chuck Norris is my dad'"

Dave: "Gutted, total Facecrash!"
by Phased Reality May 12, 2009
An unofficial acronym which, using the NATO phonetic alphabet, spells - G.L.F. This translates to 'Go Like Fuck' i.e. to accelerate to maximum speed in pursuit of a criminal, stolen car or other reason to get to a destination as fast as possible.

The term was first brought to the UK's attention in 1998 through a documentary broadcast under the title 'Golf Lima Foxtrot'. The programme asked wether the risk to the public by high-speed police chases could be justified in light of many deaths and accidents that had occurred as a result.

The police publicly denied that the term 'Golf Lima Foxtrot' was ever used, or that officers were in any way encouraged to take unnecessary risks when it came to high speed pursuits despite several police officers admitting privately that they were sometimes put under pressure to drive faster than they felt was safe.
Dude 1 in bar - "Shit, my wife is going to be home in 20 minutes, I told her I'd be at home looking after the kids."

Dude 2 in bar - "What are you waiting for 'Golf Lima Foxtrot' bro!"
by Phased Reality May 23, 2012

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