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2 definitions by PhantomTheoden

A place where fencing is taught. Usually salles also host open fencing, where fencers can come for a fee and fence whoever they wish.
I train at Salle Auriol.
by PhantomTheoden March 15, 2004
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The act of stealing an object of someone else's and calling it Karma. Usually, this is started by one stupid person, and continued for a long time. It is considered acceptable to ship objects of an enemy to Belguim. (Note: for those living in Europe, Asia, or Africa, it is considered acceptable to ship enemy objects to Mongolia or Argentina.) Normally, you call out venegence while the act has occured. Usually escalates.
Venegence! cried Bo as he tripped Ob.
Ob: Why did you do that?
Bo: Karma!
Ob proceeds to steal Bo's waterbottle at the next available oppurtunity.
by PhantomTheoden March 14, 2004
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