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An amount of marijuana, consisting of 21 grams or 3/4 of an ounce. Can run anywhere from up at 200-240, when dealing on face value, being swindled or if for good product, down to 140 or 150, usually a hookup or for skank weed.

A blackjack is extremely uncommon in the drug market. A blackjack is usually sold as a favour from the seller, or under similar extraordinary circumstances.

The name blackjack can also refer to when a person sells 14 grams of a skanky blackjack at face value. Thereby sucker punching someone, leaving the seller with a free quarter-ounce.
My buddy's 21st birthday is this weekend. I'm thinking I'm gonna need more than a half-O, but I can't afford a full ounce. Hopefully, I can get a blackjack and my roommate will buy out the rest.

This weed ain't that good, but i got it free from blackjackin' those freshmen jocks.

by Phantom of the Night April 18, 2007
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