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An obvious breast augmentation procedure recipient.
"Did you notice Gina in that green sweater? She's clearly has Pair Extensions."
by PhallusAccusations December 22, 2012
When gossipy women demean a man by rumoring he has a small penis.
"Lisa, until I did him I always thought Dan was a small-dicked asshole. I have to admit it was a phallus accusation."
by PhallusAccusations December 22, 2012
A particularly annoying or irritating verbal abuser.
"Boy, that guy on the cable talk show sure is a lambastard."
by PhallusAccusations December 27, 2012
An inconsequential hanger-on, a social detritis.
"Why is Larry always hanging around; he's such a dick fuzz."
by PhallusAccusations December 22, 2012
The condition of having excessive curly pubic hair on one's scrotum.
"You know Jane, I was sixtynining with Bill the other night and I got a bunch of short curlies stuck in my teeth! He really has a Nut Fro!"
by PhallusAccusations December 19, 2012

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