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Used to mock someone or something behind their back. Pronounced in a half-whispered, warbling voice and lasts for roughly 2 seconds. Usually used in response to a story about someones dim-witted antics. Sometimes followed by 'Imagine if he died!' or various insults. It is also often used by pretentious indie kids who think that bands who make money are highly uncool. Paaah is never said to the object of mockery's face, only behind their back.
John: "Hey did you here what Alfstaz did? He ate a candle because he thought it was made of honey!"

Jim: "Paaah imagine if he died!"

John: "Look at James! He's wearing an Arctic Monkeys T-Shirt!"

Jim: "Didn't they have the highest selling British debut album of all time and have tow consecutive number one singles?"

John: "Yep"

Jim: "Paaah what a fucking twat!"
by Phaidan October 22, 2006
Meaning absolutely awful and most often used when referring to food or somewhere that serves it. Originates from the poor quality of Pizza Gogo takeaways, especially the one near Alleyn's School in London. Pizza Gogo's motto is 'Don't Go For Less Than a Gogo' which some may find comical because the quality of the food and service at Gogo is so poor that anything less would be laughably awful.
John: "Is that kebab shop up the road any good?"

Jim: "Oh no man it's less than a gogo."

by Phaidan October 25, 2006
Overheard/misheard at Chesington World of Adventures. The guy who said it was from then on referred to as arfagaulen. Arfagaulen is a word used to replace words that one does not understand/has misheard.
Jim: "Wow look over there its a hrrawgomalnessy!"

John: "What did he just say?"

James: "I think he said wow look over there its an arfagaulen!"
by Phaidan October 24, 2006
Someone so irritating they must be related to the king of all annoyance, Cheese. Like an alternative to arsaholic.
*Harry steals pencil case and throws it out the window then administers an ehhhrrr....*

John: "Aaargh you son of a cheese!"
by Phaidan October 24, 2006
A way to say 'It doesn't matter' in the manner of the wrestler and actor, 'The Rock'. Said in a deep and slighly aggressive tone. Dothun madder can be used as a more polite form of 'shut up'.
John: "So do you have the anal bondage?"

Jim: "What? Anal bondage what are you...?"

John: Uh-0h wrong person, dothun madder!"
by Phaidan October 25, 2006
Pronounced with the highest voice possible. It is said when the circumstances or actions of a person are extremely ridiculous. The history of this word comes from when Thomas' mum, in response to the question, "Does Thomas have a girlfriend?" answered "No, Thomas thinks girls are silly!" This story has evolved into one where Thomas' mum says the sentence extremely quickly and with a very high voice, hench the pronounciation of silli. Silli can be used in addition to other words that sound like or ryhme with silli eg. 'willy' or 'little'as long as the other words are said in a high and fast tone.
Jim:"Shit, Miss Kent just blew up the chemistry department becuase she mixed potassium phosphate with magnesium nitrate!"

John: "Silli!"

Jim: "Did you hear what James did? He tried to break into Billy's house but he went to a council flat in Balham!"

John: "Thats a little bit silly becuase Billy lives in a pavillion in Picadilly!"
by Phaidan October 22, 2006
The latin name for Jesus Christ on a painting of the resurrection in a Dulwich Chapel. Accompanied by someone called Et Marium who may well have been Mary. Superenesuperenniberabilli is now a word used to refer to someone who thinks they are the son of God, or just a showoff who uses complicated words.
John: "Excuse me, you have no right to diss me unless you can diss me in latin, for it is only I who has a Oxford degree in latin as well as nuclear physics."

Jim: "God you're such a fucking superenesuperenniberabilli"

by Phaidan November 05, 2006

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