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An Internet Web Site devoted to providing free movies to the public at large.

Official PPP.C history from the Pretty Penny Productions web site:

"In 1887, a druggist and amateur pugilist named Walton P. F. McFlannory founded the institution that the world would come to know as Pretty Penny Productions. A modest immigrant living in Hoboken, New Jersey, he began with only one horse, a rickety cart and seven acres of medicinal tobacco plants. Over the next forty years, through American ingenuity and industry and good old- fashioned elbow-grease, he expanded his economic empire to include railroads, factories, printing presses, a burgeoning dirigible fabrication facility, and the finest cinematic production facility on the planet.

In the stock market crash of 1929, McFlannory was forced to divide and sell off all of his assets to venture capitalists and Orientals. He died a shattered broken man three years later from the cancer, but his legacy would live on.

Pretty Penny Productions, the once-magnificent empire of the silver screen, was reduced to producing educational films and softcore pornography for the next three quarters of a century. But then, in 1983, an enterprising young high school drop-out named Aaron Johnson purchased the rights to the company and ran it out of his garage. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today Mr. Johnson and his associates are well known entertainment magnates and captains of industry. Their celebrity echoes to every corner of the globe.

And to think that it all began with one fiery Scotsman and his magical dream."
"Dag, boo. Pretty Penny Productions be kickin' out some phat vizideos!"
by Phaedrus Deathsplatter November 22, 2004

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