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A style of singing involving quickly delivered nonsensical words...contrary to popular ignorance, this singing style did NOT originate with Scatman John! Does the name
Louis Armstrong mean NOTHING to you uncultured Abercrombie Philistines?!? LISTEN TO SATCHMO!!!!!!!
"Skoo va da bi do bi de doh boh ba dee day!" the jazzman scat-sang.
by Petus October 30, 2005
A ritzy Establishment spin on the word 'inbred'; most commonly used to describe dogs, but can also apply to cats or Appalachian yokels
"Me an' my sister-cousin done made us some purebred younguns!"
by Petus October 30, 2005
A class of person who has no concern for the world's opinion of him, and therefore does as he feels when he likes; typically this involves dancing in public, gleefully being the punchline of jokes, or any other action which is usually embarassing to more restrained persons.
Bumptious Q. Bangwhistle began to Jitterbug in the courtyard in exchange for candy; the other youngsters laughed and pronounced Bumptious a teriffic dork.
by Petus October 30, 2005
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