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An adult black male that is or does either of the following:
1. Addicted to drugs or alcohol
2. Spreads STDs
3. Is usually unemployed or making minimum wage
4. Sags his pants to attract other niggas' dicks
5. Doesn't pay child support to his kids
6. Relies on food stamps or welfare checks
7. Considers drug pushing to be a legitimate career
8. Only dates women that won't ask him to find a job
9. Thinks that gold teeth are anything but tacky
10.Is a permanent fixture in the ghetto.
Black men take care of their families. Niggas don't care about anything but themselves.

Only niggas live in the ghetto, real Black men live in the suburbs.

Don't take the city bus, it's full of niggas.

In nigga speak, sammich means sandwich.
by PetroJ August 12, 2011
A male black (negro with dark skin) that makes a fool of himself by exclusively chasing after white women.

A male black that dates only white women as a status symbol.

A male black that considers white women as superior to black women.

A nigga that divorces his black wife to date a white woman.
Every time Becky walks past him, Jamal drools and starts tap dancing while grabbing his penis and yelling "I is a jiggaboo and I wants ta fux you"

Jiggaboo Terrence would give Becky his last piece of fried chicken if she asked for it.

Jiggaboo Darryl would slap the piss out of his mama if Becky told him to.

Rappers and NBA players are jiggaboos.

Blacky said that dating white ladies is like driving a brand new Mercedes, but dating black bitches is like taking the number 2 bus. Blacky is such a jiggaboo.

Saying hello to white women and ignoring black women is the jiggaboo code of honor.
by PetroJ August 12, 2011
Butt-ugly Jiggaboo
After the chimpanzee attacked her, Mary looked like a white Lil Wayne
by PetroJ August 12, 2011
A white/Hispanic woman that a jiggaboo uses as trophy wife or girlfriends.

A brainwashed nigga's idea of a status symbol. Similar to driving a Mercedes and living in a mansion.

A white or light-skinned Hispanic woman; usually obese that niggas hump and beat whenever they see fit.

The preferred marriage partner of a black man that thinks he's too good for a black woman.
Jamal got mad props from his niggas for showing up at the Black pride parade with a Becky.

Michael Jordan turned his back on his long-time wife to date a Becky.

OJ Simpson only dated Beckys. Ain't karma a bitch?
by PetroJ August 12, 2011
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