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What a woman says when she wants to break up with a guy, but wants to feel good about doing so. This is rather disingenuous since she generally has no intention of maintaining a friendship; she knows this will generally take care of itself, however, since few men would accept a friendship with a woman they have a romantic interest in.

For extra douchiness, she can send this as a facebook message rather than confront the guy on the phone or in person.

If she is the guy's coworker, every day that he goes to work and sees her will suck ASS.
Girl: I've been thinking, and I've decided, let's just be friends. I'm sorry; I hope you understand.

Guy: oh. <awkward silence>

Girl: I truly hope we can still talk and hang out sometimes. Well, I gotta go; my favorite TV show is on. See ya!
by Peteythepleaser January 01, 2012

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