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A marijauna joint rolled with rock cocaine.aka as P-dog
Hey my cousin rolled a dirty ass dog last night.
by Peteyboy310 January 28, 2011
A way of saying someone who has any kind of many venereal disease.
I had sex with her and she gave me some kind of scazzies.
by peteyboy310 January 27, 2011
To be highly intoxicated on PCP
See Peter last night he was all bopped out again!
by Peteyboy310 January 27, 2011
Term used by So.Cal drug culture for A rolled joint(weed) dipped in pcp.
My legs were heavy ass fuck aftre we burned that He-man last night.
by Peteyboy310 January 28, 2011
A term for "Dust-off" in which is inverted and inhaled directly from the nozzle.The sound you hear immediately after inhaling is a very loud "WAM-WAM,which is very intense and continues for about a minute.Blacking out and collapsing is very common.
We cant get high with wam wam no more its making us stupid.
by Peteyboy310 January 28, 2011
A tobacco cigarette rolled with rock cocaine.
Hey we had to smoke a lovely last night because we had no weed.
by Peteyboy310 January 28, 2011

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