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To lose your virginity to someone else who is a virgin, essentially trading each other's v-card.
I hope to someday trade cards with the person I really love. It would be more memorable that way.
by Peterson Mcbee August 03, 2005
Kick awesome is obviously the combination of kickass and awesome used when you want to emphasize that something is twice all indigenous as usual. Usually used as an interjection for excitement.
They're coming on tour? Kick Awesome! I've always wanted to go to their show.
by Peterson Mcbee July 21, 2005
Cheddies means pornography.

In the online flash game of Shores Acres The Video Game, a replica of our neightborhood, one goal is to go the local convenient store and ask about something called 'cheddies' and in the game it is supposed to be cheese filled hotdogs. Well one night in the real Shore Acres, we decided to ask our local convenient store if they had any cheddies. The Arabs working there thought we were trying to ask for the porn magazine called Cheri's. Since then we've called porn cheddies, cheds for short.

The phrase "making cheds" can mean anything from kissing to sex. cheds cheddie grumpler making cheds
-Let's go to my computer and look at some cheds.
-I want cheddies!
-Let's make some cheds.
#cheddies #porn #porno #pornography #sex #cheds #making cheds
by Peterson McBee July 26, 2006
One who shops at Aéropostale, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Hollister Co.;
Anyone who wears surf tees, collared shirts, or pre-weathered jeans;
A prep
Pac Sun is one step up above becoming an aerocrombollister.
#aéropostale #abercrombie & fitch #hollister #prep #preppy
by Peterson McBee October 12, 2005
Cheds, short for cheddies, means either pornographic material or anything sexual.
-Let's go to my computer and look at some cheds.
-I want cheds!
-Let's make some cheds.
#cheds #cheddies #porn #porno #pornography #grumpler #sex
by Peterson McBee August 01, 2006
a party pooper; a stick in the mud; ole bump on a log
Jacob, quit being such a jewfrew and break the lock on the shed to go fetch our motorcycle-jetskis.
by Peterson McBee September 09, 2005
A drug releasing you from the mundane, usually, when done with a mellow interior and open mind, will allow you to realize how you're being fucked every day of your life.

SEE: mushrooms, shrooms, magic mushrooms
Hey man dude, these muffins are sensational!!!
#magic mushrooms #shrooms #muffin #mushrooms #drugs
by Peterson McBee October 09, 2005
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