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Irishizing is the very special process when a non alcoholic beverage is converted in to an alcoholic beverage. For example when you take a cup of coffee and put whiskey in in the coffee. It is still not an Irish coffee because it doesn't contain cream or sugar. It is simply an irishized coffee. The opposite of irishizing is virginizing (a Bloody Mary becomes a Virgin Mary). The word irishizing was created in Odense, Denmark the 28 th of august 2010 by a local Dane called Mads.
"I have been irishizing my coffee". "To make the evening more pleasent, they resorted to irishizing" The verb irishizing can also be used for explaining that you have been drinking a lot of beverages containing alcohol, "I did a lot of irishizing yesterday". It can also be used as an adjective, irishize. "My coffee is irishized".
by Peter15 January 04, 2011

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