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New Zealand. The Land of the Long White Cloud. Home to 4 million people. It is greener than most countries but I wouldn't call it "clean and green". It is actually a really active and fun place, we should be advertising that instead of clean and green.

The best city's are:

Auckland (if you want to be submerged in traffic and things to do).

Wellington (the capital - advisable to try to ignore the existance of the beehive, and visit the National Museum and generally enjoy the nightlife and cafe's, film festivals,etc.)

Christchurch and Dunedin: A must see for people from the UK in fact you should skip Wellington and Auckland and go there first. It has lots of historical buildings and it has a friendly European feel to it.

Queenstown: The overpriced, adventure capital of the world; a must go if you can afford it.

On Australia and New Zealand:

Relations are equal to that of Canada and the United States. Australia is economically more powerful and dominates a lot of the New Zealand market. It upsets a lot of people, as we see the "great New Zealand buy up". Also the treatment of aborigines is also a sour point, but all in all due to the ANZAC tradition from WW1 relations are good.

Should you visit?

1. NZ is costly
2. It has lots to do
3. It has a nice environment
4. It is out of the way
5. You can lose yourself
Information on New Zealand, how it is expensive to live and more: www.emigratenz.org/
by Peter from New Zealand February 27, 2008

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