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3 definitions by Peter R Jensen

to shuffle along or walk very slowly, as exhibited in the movement by someone of great age and decrepitude. A dialect word probably from UK Midlands (Staffordshire).
He croffled up to the local shopping centre to get his daily ration of tobacco.
by Peter R Jensen April 19, 2008
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This word describes the kneading action of cats when in a state of extreme contentment. Thought to be UK Midlands in origin (Staffordshire)
The cat sat on the bed and screwdled the quilt in a state of feline bliss.
by Peter R Jensen April 19, 2008
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This word describes the convergent technology that has arisen from computer based communications and conventional cable and radio telecommunications.

It describes a technology that allows high quality face to face interaction to occur between people located at great distances. Other words that have a similar context but do not infer the underlying technology are Immersion and Tele-presence.
Hypercommunications is likely to permit a paradigm shift in the way that urban development and expansion occurs in the future. Hypercommunications can allow business enterprise to fragment and disperse so as to allow more efficient and economic operations with geographically separated components.
by Peter R Jensen April 19, 2008
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