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To fuck a girl so deeply (usually with a very long cock) that you bump up into her internal organs with your cock, causing much pain and discomfort for her, but a very interesting and enjoyable sensation for you!
"She screamed in agony as he gutted her with his throbbing 12" cock."
by peter north October 13, 2003
A Gilstrap is an incredibly sexy being of the male persuasion. This species has been known to attract females of all genres, although he prefers the "white meat".
That Gilstrap is da' man sista, I want him to let me ride the bologna pony.
by Peter North February 11, 2004
The best dildo ever made comes with its own built in sack battery pack and recharger kit
Hey did you see my dildo mattic 5000
by peter north July 10, 2003
common term for an asshole douche
dude aaron got the biggest Bruce Bag today
by Peter North May 09, 2004
A foking dick thats short, hairy, and fat!
Dude, you got a foking chode!
by Peter North September 26, 2004
What I am right now.
I want a girl on my jock as we speak.
by Peter North November 25, 2003
An Atrox without a peter. Penis if you will
Hah did you see that uber dickless Coxtrox, uber fuck dick lick
by PEter North October 25, 2004
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