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The act of waving one's hand near the face of an individual who has recently been declared as red or purple. Useful for restoring said individual to a state of normacy.
"Hey, I heard David Bell is secretly engaged to his girlfriend!"

"Fan him down!"
by Peter McConville April 01, 2005
A response to any unexpected or displeasing news which expresses surprise and occasionally vague embarrassment.
"Reed, get a job or we're kicking you out of the house."

by Peter McConville November 11, 2007
A state of light to medium embarassment. Often experienced when caught staring openly at the impressive cleavage of an attractive member of the opposite sex.
"Yo, she caught you starin' at her titties? What colour were you?"

by Peter McConville April 01, 2005
Used at the end of any sentence to reverse it's meaning or lend sarcastic connotations. Often utilized to convey failure or humiliation.
"She didn't mind that I spunked over her leg before she even got her skirt off...LOADS."
by Peter McConville November 11, 2007
A state of extreme embarassment, almost beyond the formation of words. The sort of embarassment which one might experience when enjoying oral sex off one's significant other and being walked in on by one's parents or grandparents. Or both.
"Adam James Reedman! Get that girl's face off your crotch immediately!"

by Peter McConville April 01, 2005
Noun: An extremely attractive female, usually with a tight, round ass and a lot up top.

Indefinate Article: The expression of attraction towards a female.
1) "That Emma Brooks is a bit of a hiya, isn't she?"

2) "Well HIYA LOVE!"
by Peter McConville April 01, 2005

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