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14 definitions by Peter Griffin

Someone of mixed races. Can be quite good looking.
With the Lights out its less dangerous!
Here we are now Entertain us!
I feel stupid and contagious!
Here we are now entertain us!
A MULATO an Albino
A misquito My libido!
by Peter Griffin January 17, 2005
Part normal, able, capable. Half-crazy.
A buddy of mine thinks Budweiser is the best beer ever, and he's absolutely wrong and insane. Another friend thinks Rolling Rock is. Rock's alright, so he's only half wrong and parasane.
by Peter Griffin August 21, 2004
Someone who writes poetry devoted to ass
-What's up ass poet?
-I have to write some poetry about ass.
-What do you have so far?
-The young lass had quite an ass.
-Not bad.
by Peter Griffin October 13, 2004
a whodechole also known as donald
durn durn has a feep detish for ef
by Peter Griffin July 16, 2004
this bike is a pipe bomb. a punk (ish) band.
TBIAPB rocks my socks!
by Peter Griffin March 08, 2005
a term for getting jizzed on, or getting screwed, in a way that sounds appropriate so you can say it anywhere.
Your girlfriend is sucking that guy's dick over there, you just got Griffined!
by Peter Griffin March 21, 2005
One who smells bad and talks too much, annoying and throws coniption fits, sits at his desk and sword fights with pens, sucks a volley ball.
When somebody is sitting at there desk doing all of the above, or really sucking at volley ball...
by Peter Griffin March 09, 2005