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a hangover of epic proportions; usually associated with trying to think logically after a night of heavy boozing with little or no results; also - an idiotic person
When I got to work on Friday morning, I had serious numb skull from boozing the night before. I couldn't accomplish a freakin' thing.
by peter gazinya May 09, 2010
The act of reaching across fellow diners for a dish or platter. A rude action by a person who has no manners and was probably raised in a barn.
Hey buddy! There is no need to reach across the table for the potatoes! We do not tolerate a boardinghouse reach in this house!
by peter gazinya October 03, 2010
Someone who wouldn't steal a pencil from work but chops up anyone who doesn't fit his idea of a moral person. Meanwhile he breaks as many moral conduct rules as the next guy only in his mind those don't matter. Someone who will judge you harshly for a slight indiscretion and will jump to conclusions from incomplete evidence.
Jo Jo - "Man Joe is a dick. He accused me of cheating on an exam because he heard it from Dave who is a chronic liar. Meanwhile Joe is eyeballing Freddie's wife when he's not around."

Terry - " Yeah. Joe is a selective moral jerk. I hope Freddie punches him in the mouth."
by peter gazinya October 03, 2010
To have some one give you an orgasm. To have sex with some one whether it be hetero or homosexual with deep abandon. Usually casual sex but wild, hot monkey sex.
Peter - Dude, you remember that hot chick at the bar last night?

Dick - Man, she looked hot! Did she haul your ashes?

Peter - You know it!
by Peter Gazinya June 01, 2010

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