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Strawberry Clock is a character based off of the alternate account of newgrounds patron Coolboyman. In the year two thousand and one Coolboyman, under the name StrawberryClock, submitted a spam movie to anger the reviewing community, the general populace of which was inept at best. This spam movie (made in macromedia flash) was a single frame of a red times new roman capital B. Despite the voting system which removes entries with low scores after a certain number of votes, B survived, and due to its low score went on to earn newgrounds' Turd of the Week award, meaning it was the lowest scoring surviving submission that week.

The full effects of this movie, however, had not been anticipated. Four friends and fellow patrons of newgrounds were inspired and amused by the massively successful trolling of the newgrounds review crew. They adopted personas of other fruits with clocks on them. They were the fruit clocks, founders and first generation of the clock crew. They started submitting flash to newgrounds featuring tongue-in-cheek depictions of their characters worshipping Strawberry Clock (similarly represented as the literal strawberry with an analogue clock representing the facial elements) as the King of the Newgrounds Flash Portal and B as the greatest submission of all time.

As a character, Strawberry Clock (often simply abbreviated to SBC or KOTP)has had many different portrayals. The early clock crew portrayed him in a deified fashion, uncannily smart and strong and loved by all, beyond doubt or possibility of flaw, but in a subtle and humorous fashion. Later, a more clownlike persona became popular, portraying Strawberry as childlike, egotistical, and selfish. Most recently, there has been a shift towards portraying him in a more inspirational light out of nostalgia for the old clock crew, and portrayals of Strawberry have depicted him as being impossibly strong, wise, and immortal (an example of this would be FU Clock's The Clock War or Strange Clock's The Story of Clock Day, both submitted on Clock Day 2006.

While the current Strawberry Clock character is used with a lot of artistic license, some basic fundamentals about Strawberry Clock have been established, most of which are now common catchphrases among members of the Clock Crew and some of the members of the Clock Crew Ripoffs.

These catchphrases are widely understood by those who are regular patrons of Newgrounds and/or the clock crew's website (which changes more frequently.) Misunderstanding of the esoteric humor of the Clock Crew (which consists largely of inside jokes) is usually limited to anti-clocks, who ignore the character principles of Strawberry Clock in order to portray him in a negative light, often being raped or killed or some other unsavory act. However, the Clock Crew usually takes these in stride, and traditionally infuriates the anti-clocks by showing them love while making fun of their also traditionally noobish behavior while keeping to their fundamentals in literally thousands of various flash depictions.

The aforementioned catchphrases/fundamentals are as follows:
- Strawberry Clock is the King of the Portal
- You Cannot Kill Strawberry Clock
- B is the greatest flash movie of all time
- Everyone loves strawberry clock
by Peter Deer September 12, 2006
This is a term relating to the large emo populace on newgrounds. It is usually meant insultingly when someone is complaining about something.
- My girlfriend and I broke up.
- Go cry about it on Myspace.
by Peter Deer September 10, 2006
The Lock Legion is a group of macromedia flash animators and patrons of the popular website Newgrounds. The group originally was a parody of the original flash group the Clock Crew, but when Clock Crew moderator Banana Clock was stripped of his moderator priveleges on the Clock Crew's website, he went to the Lock Legion to be given more power and status. Ever since then, those who don't make the cut in the Clock Crew traditionally join the Lock Legion, where the standards of conduct and animation are far lower.

The modern Lock Legion has made it its goal to recieve equal recognition and respect to the group it is a ripoff of, the Clock Crew. They are considered by many to be clock posers, fake clocks trying to steal the limelight from the original Clock Crew.

Much like the Clock Crew, the standard animation style tend to be to animate an object as an avatar for a person, with a lock representing the facial elements, as opposed to the clockface of the clock crew, and to use "tickers" (a moving arrow or a line emanating from the character) to indicate which character is talking in the absense of a mouth. Often times computer generated voices take the place of voice acting in Lock Legion animations as well.

Some facts about the lock legion:

Some notable members of the Lock Legion either for their prominence in the group or for their animating ability are Banana Lock, Coffee Lock, Aubergine Lock, Peach Lock, Trash Lock, Dia Lock, and Cloud Lock (also known as Wonchop.)

The Lock Legion has proven to be quite efficient in the production of music video collaborations, and far more efficient than the Clock Crew in accrediting them to the Lock Legion newgrounds account.

Many Locks are responsible for the creation of various other similar spinoffs, groups that follow the same animation concept as the clock crew and the same principle as the Lock Legion. These spinoffs, like the lock legion, largely consist of newer members (noobs, newbs) that are frustrated by the difficulty of finding respect and recognition within the established hierarchy of the Clock Crew.
"I joined the Clock Crew and asked them on the first day if they would mod me. When they didn't, I joined the Lock Legion."
by Peter Deer September 09, 2006
Racist in such an absurd fashion that the lack of seriousness is beyond question by all except the most anal individuals who lack a sense of humor entirely.
DiamondClock - "Is it racistic to bake jew cookies in a gas oven?"
SamfisherClock - "No."
by Peter Deer September 15, 2006
A long time member of The Clock Crew, author of such flash works as the Clock Tales series on Newgrounds. Left the Clock Crew for the parody group The Lock Legion after being stripped of his moderator priveleges on the Clock Crew's website, now goes by the alias Banana Lock
Banana Clock, while shaping the clock crew as it is today, has tarnished his name by endorsing a ripoff group.
by Peter Deer September 22, 2006
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