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A person with hair a shade of red or orange. My personal favourite hair colour, it is the rarest hair colour to possess. Around 1 in 50,000 people have red hair. A large number of males are particularly attracted to red-headed females, a lot having something of a fetish for them. Red-headed males get the shorter end of the stick, usually victims to bullying etc. They are also thought to usually have pale skin and freckles. True redheads additionally possess green eyes.
Immature people insult redheads, insults include 'ginger', 'fire-crotch' and 'carrot-top'. I also want to add to any redheads reading this, be proud of your hair colouring, it's hot~! (Excuse the pun)
Guy 1: "Wow, look at that redhead!"
Guy 2: "What a hottie, I've always had a thing for redheads."
Guy 1: "Me too."
by Peter Davies August 20, 2007
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