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A term describing someone who is more then just regular whack.
Pat is so wickedy whack, he gets fisted in the ass by his mother all the time.
by Peter Carr June 09, 2006
Driving aimlessly with friends at night causing trouble and looking for stuff to do. This may include stealing lawn items, wrecking cars, mailbox baseball, messing with pedestrians, doughnuts, e- brake slides , yelling racial slurs at foriegners, terrorizing basically everyone, ect...

people belonging to groups like these are so smooth and stealthy they are often reffered to as "urban ninjas"
on the joy ride we smashed a cars back window with a baseball bat, then took off in the car.
by Peter Carr October 16, 2005
its wen one boob falls off for any given purpose such as breast cancer, suicide, wantiing to become a man, etc..
wow look at the uniboob freak. lets throw rocks things at her
by Peter Carr June 09, 2006

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