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Against hax0rz, believing that hax0rz are not 1337. See wrong.
(\B/) Noob4L1f3 : hax0rz r t3h gh3y
-=R=- l33tst1k : at the -=R=- clan server we don't tolerate haxism, you haxest noob!
(\B/) Noob4L1f3 was banned
by Peter B-B April 07, 2007
A object, event or series of words that contains high traces of hilarity, although this is occasionally used as sarcasm
Example 1:

person 1: <a funny sentence>
person 2: that's something REALLY funny

Example 2 (sarcasm):

person 1: <a stupid joke>
person 2: that's something REALLY funny
by Peter B-B May 01, 2008
Gay person

The word came to be when the "a" in "fag" was replaced by a lambda (fλg). The resulting pronunciation was "flambdag"
Person 1: "Stop raping that little boy, you flambdag!"
Person 2: "wah??"
by Peter B-B July 20, 2008

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