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A series of massively shitty events where everybody involved has their world rocked to the very core by the shear shittiness. A shitstorm so large, so shitty, that the very ground beneath the shitees begins to shake with shittiness.
Mr Lahey - "Do ya know what happens when 2 shitplates come together, under extreme pressure Bubbles? ...Shitquake..."
by Peter Anthony Johsnon July 20, 2006
A person with the uncanny ability to swallow ridiculous amounts of sperm, with a fuckin smile on their god damned face.
"Lydia is a dirty sperm gulper."
by Peter Anthony Johsnon July 20, 2006
Finger a GOD DAMN MUTHAFUCKIN pussy. Tickle dat chit.
"Yeah you made out, but the question is, did you tickle the tuna?"
"Yeah man, I tickled her tuna last night, it was sick."
by Peter Anthony Johsnon July 20, 2006
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