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Achimota- an esteemed and distinguished co-educational secondary school, located in the heart of Achimota-township in Accra, Ghana. Achimota is best defined in its Ivy League-style of secondary education, crème de la crème academic performance, selectivity in admittance , and renowned social elitism

Achimota has educated African and World leaders and as such , 3 of the 4 elected presidents of Ghana are alumni of the school. *

*as of 2009 See also :" Motown", "Akora"
Notable Alumni of Achimota ("Motown")

* Kwame Nkrumah (former Prime Minister of Ghana)

* Jerry John Rawlings (former President of Ghana)

* Edward Akufo-Addo (former President of Ghana)

* William Ofori Atta (Ghanaian Independence Leader)

* Alhaji Sir Dauda Jawara (first Head of State of The Gambia)

* Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwean President)

* John Evans Atta Mills (President of Ghana)
by Peter Afari August 09, 2009
* Finance: An easy acronym suitable for identifying NON-EXEMPT SECURITIES, that can be used during the Uniform Securities Examination, Series 63 Exams.

*How it works: You the acronym "C4. R. E. F.T.I." or simply "Crefti" each time one is asked figure out which security will be exempt from state registration. The definition of CREFTI is for non-exempt securities. ANY SECURITY ON THIS LIST MUST BE REGISTERED AT THE STATE LEVEL.

Non-Exempt securities (MUST register):

*C- Currency
*C- Condos
*C- Collectibles
*C- Commodity Futures

*R- Residence

*E- Endowments

*F- Fixed Annuities

*T-Traditional (Whole ) Insurance

*I -IRA or Keogh plans

(Hint: any security not on this list IS either an exempt or Federal Covered security, thus need not register at the State level)
Example:" According to the provisions given under NSMIA and the Uniform Securities Act, which of the following securities my be registered with the State Administrator....(long list of securities provided)

Answer: Use CREFTI --anything NOT on this list is exempt from registration! (Bingo!)
by Peter Afari August 14, 2009
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