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1. Fish Cheek

1. A work or literuature, usually an essay, of poor quality that replaces a much better literary work in a collection of works form that genre.

2. A common phrase used in conversation used to spice up a boring story or joke.

1.To beat maliciously

2.To inquire if someone is joking
1."Dawg, 'Fish Cheek' was a crappy essay. 'Wounds That Can't Be Stiched Up' was much better."
"I concur, 'Fish Cheek' was a fish cheek."
"4 REEL!!!!"

2."...But then it all just blew up......"

1."Bro, I hate that cracker."
"Let's fish cheek that cuh!!"
"And steel his duckets!!"

2."I swear I'm a woman"
"Are you fishing my cheek?"
by Peter "ROFL Skater" Tonner November 10, 2006

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