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One who smells bad and talks too much, annoying and throws coniption fits, sits at his desk and sword fights with pens, sucks a volley ball.
When somebody is sitting at there desk doing all of the above, or really sucking at volley ball...
by Peter Griffin March 09, 2005
Short for Poop Stupid Portable. It was supposed to be PPP, or Poop Poop Poop, but an idiot at Sony slammed his head into the keyboard and accidentally hit the "s" instead of the "p." While in the E3 chat room revealing their latest portable.

Too bad.
I am Kaz. Buy it now.
by Peter Griffin December 27, 2004
somewhere in this gerneral area
if im here and your there and istanbul is somewhere in this general area...then who the hell is that
by peter griffin February 18, 2005
A State full of homosexual ROMANS who worship Satan.

It's funny they make the outrageous claim of being "tree huggers" and yet they've chopped down every tree in sight and all that's left is to do is shoot eachother on the freeway.

They also make the outrageous claims of being enlightened,rational,tolerant etc.

Yet if you disagree with them they'll fuckin cap your ass.

And oh yeah they also say guns are bad.
haha haha hahah haha ha...
by Peter Griffin March 10, 2005
A truly retarded bitch that doesnt realize that "goth" was a race of people from what is now Germany.They wore neither black clothing, nor did they wear black lipstick to "express their truly morbid blah blah whatever"

so good job saying something about being truly goth, I mean I havent seen a visigoth in YEARS, what with the whole Germany becoming a country in 1851.
Random Ock #1-"Hey have you talked to mara today?"

Random Ock #2-"Naw dude, last I heard she was some kinda German"
by Peter Griffin March 30, 2005
Flatchested bitch whose only goal in life is to find new things to complain about.
Hey feminist I got a joke for you. Why do women have boobs?
So you got something to look at when your talking to em. Which is why I dont talk to you.
by Peter Griffin January 17, 2005
One who is completely flat chested and in not scoring any cock, resorts to blaming they're lack of pleasure on men for being "pigs".

One who complains about not being able to go out and work but complains of having to work once given the opportunity.

One who sleeps all day and gets fed by men but complains about his/her life anyways. See bitch
"The feminist complained about not being able to work but refused to bring home the baco once given the oppurtunity."
by Peter Griffin January 12, 2005

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