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A Very Fat Man that waddles from side to side like an iceburg in the sea.
Hey Check out the Man Burg !
by Peter Fridolf June 22, 2007
The Colour of the traffic lights as they change from yellow to red
Wife:You just went through a red light
Husband: Nah! it was Panelbeaters Green.
by Peter Fridolf June 23, 2007
A Very small amount that needs to be taken of something
eg machining a shaft ,Scraping a White Metal Bearing
Tradesman:Take a fly shit of that shaft
Apprentist: (Blank Look)
Tradesman:Thats 1 Thou Dickhead
Apprentist: (Blank Look)
Tradesman: Oh Thats Right! you lot only learned metric
by Peter Fridolf June 23, 2007
A First year Apprentist normaly the first 3 -6 Months of his trade. Named due to the excessive nodding of his head when things are being explained to him.
This condition normaly comes about because they are to scared to say anything. With good reason.....haha!
Tradesman:Now turn that bolt clockwise
Apprentist: ( Nods Head )
Tradesman: Thats Anticlockwise Dickhead!
Apprentist: (Nods Head)
Tradesman: Now Noddy if you look at the hands of a clock which way do they go.
Apprentist: ( Blank Look)
by Peter Fridolf June 23, 2007
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