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1. aka karma Buddhist / Hindu (etc) philosophy "what goes around comes around".
2. automobile, mother
Decipher this: Mycarmaranoveryourdogma.
by Peter Eaton December 27, 2006
Someone who pimps out male prostitutes.
WOODY: What's the name of that new Peter Seller? The one who owns "Gigalos2Go"?

DICK: Goes by the name of Roger Moore.
by Peter Eaton June 03, 2006
A man with a really huge penith.
FAG: Hello! Whoothe that dude over there?

MOTHETH: Heeth Awethome! Bat man babe. Hith penith ith tho long I wath thucking hith peckerhead while he wath fucking my ath!
by Peter Eaton May 28, 2006
Anally Infected Dick Sindrome
I was so drunk and high and tired after 4 hours of orgy fucking that I fell right asleep after cumming up some guys ass. I hadn't used a condom, and I never even cleaned up.

The next morning, I pissed a poop plug out of my pecker head, and it stung really bad. It was all red, and thick yellowish puss came oozing out. Three months later, I found out I had A.I.D.S. Why did God let this happen to me?!
by Peter Eaton November 21, 2006
Because the YING YANG symbol resembles the number 69, some use it as SLANG for "69" meaning "two people orally stimulating each other at the same time".
SHELLY: Jack, I'd REALLY like to do the "Ying Yang" right now.

JACK: Okay!
by Peter Eaton December 20, 2006
An H2 BLOWJOB is a humming blowjob that does more than just get you hard, but, not enough to make you cum.
H3 BLOWJOB = The biggest and best Hummer there is, rich in cum-blasting pleasure!

H2 BLOWJOB = Medium Hummer; (1) Get hard, (2) Lots of pleasure, but (3) you'll have to move on to fucking to finish.

H3 BLOWJOB = Mini Hummer; you get hard, and that's it. Start fucking ASAP!
by Peter Eaton June 23, 2006
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