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Cockney phrase seen in the film "Football Factory"; used to convey one's wish to make love to a pretty lady.
"My gosh Edward, look at how utterly desirable that lady is, I'd love to 'smash the granny' out of her"

"I say old chap, did you 'smash the granny' out of that lass from the croquet tournament?

Why yes, yes I did as a matter of fact

Oh jolly good you sly old dog you, let's drink some Earl Grey in celebration"
by Petemeister February 14, 2008
A play on words derived from the popular Indian snack of an onion bahji/bahjai, used to describe a good goal scored on 'pro evolution soccer'.
"That's a fucking bahji!" Said Pete as he put yet another superb goal in from outside the box on the turn with his back to the tv and his eyes closed.

"Fuck me that was nearly a fucking bahji" Said Phil as he nearly pulled one back with an audacious yet very good attempt
by Petemeister February 14, 2008

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